Your Questions, Answered

We understand that communication systems can appear to be highly technical and veiled in acronyms and other confusing names and terminology. We have collated some frequently asked questions below and provided answers in a non-technical format. What’s more, we are more than happy to receive your questions and provide further information:

What Is PABX?

PABX is an acronym – it stands for Private Automated Branch Exchange. A PABX is a type of telephone network used by medium-to-large sized companies in New Zealand. This exchange system can provide multiple lines for incoming calls to your team, and multiple external lines too.


connecting Your premises or subdivision?

Are Wai-com the people to talk to to get connected at our premises or subdivision? – Yes – WaiCom are the go to company in the W/rapa, we can deliver the end to end process you require, please get in touch.


Design, Supply & Install WiFi?

Do Waicom design, supply and install premises wiring for WiFi? Please get in touch, yes, we are the go to people in the Wairarapa.


Can You Improve Cell Coverage?

We have poor cell coverage in our area, can Waicom assist? Waicom can assist – however a site survey will be required.


Can You Fix Damage Cables?

We have damaged cabling on our property, can you assist? Yes, Waicom can test and repair/replace the damaged cabling.


Can You Upgrade Business Phones?

We are looking to upgrade our business phone system to a cloud based solution, can Wai-com help? Yes, we are able to offer on premises and cloud based solutions, for your business.